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It takes plenty of dedication and patience emphasis on the latter to get out of Herald status, but even those in the highest tiers started somewhere.
Once a Dota account has become eligible for ranked, an "Associate Phone With Dota" option will display within the find match window. From the find match window under ranked, select 'Remove Phone'. Herald players tend to lack a basic understanding of Dota 2 , and thus may take unnecessary risks in the laning phase, fail to recognize when to fight or retreat, and may even auto-attack creeps without knowing the importance of last hitting. Learn about ranked matchmaking and the matchmaking rating MMR. For example, players in the Herald and Crusader tiers the two lowest leagues generally have far less mechanical ability and game sense compared to more experienced players.

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Legend tier is the global average , making up the vast majority of the entire playerbase around the world. What if I do not have a phone?
After the calibration matches are completed, players are assigned to leagues based on their wins and losses throughout the ten games. From the find match window under ranked, select 'Remove Phone'. The system also remembers and judges players based on their peak skill level more than their current MMR, in order to more effectively prevent smurfing and deranking. What they do lack is the mechanical skill to apply their newfound knowledge, which holds them back accordingly. See the official Steam Mobile site for information on how to register a qualifying number to a Steam account. Players in this bracket may have bad habits that they are unable to get rid of, or simply do not have the advanced mechanics of those in the upper tiers. This tier is when things start to come together for total newbies.
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