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Destiny 2 is a bug galore lately, but it still doesn't even come near Fallout 76 as it's still fairly polished and an enjoyable game if you can look past Activision's shenanigans.
The recommended specs are almost Far Cry New Dawn system requirements revealed. This boss was especially a source of fun for the Destiny 2 community ever since they saw the patch notes for the first time. Bungie's help desk advised players to enter Blind Well, slowly, while hugging the right side wall of the hallway. Blizzard start a list of disciplined Overwatch pros for

Destiny 2 Blind Well matchmaking bug requires slow walking

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We mentioned earlier that Destiny 2 became somewhat of a bug fiesta lately. System requirements are almost identical to those of Far Cry 5.
Bungie Black Armory is giving players a hard time Meanwhile, those who decided to spend their time in or around Black Armory found themselves unable to complete Lost Forges. Silent assassin's weapon damage gets a significant decrease. We mentioned earlier that Destiny 2 became somewhat of a bug fiesta lately. Since the patch note said that a boss appeared in three times the intended size, fans demanded they see this bug in action and Bungie actually posted the video of the massive Protheon, the Modular Mind, now commonly known as "bigboi". Naturally, this bug also prompted fans to meme around , with one going as far as creating a Twitter account named Protheon, but 3x bigger.
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